About Zeez Beez

Zeez Beez is a family owned and run business based in the beautiful Perth hills of Roleystone, Western Australia. We have been keeping bees since 2010.
We pride ourselves in the care and effort we put in to providing you with the highest quality of products and services including our hand extracted raw honey, training and more.

Here is just a taste of what we do...
Bee Keeping
hive setups and supplies

We started out as hobbyist bee keepers, but soon became addicted to these fascinating creatures. Over the years we have come to realise that bees are a very much needed part of everyone’s life – in other words, we can’t live without them! So we have slowly been increasing our hive numbers from that first hive in our front yard, to approximately 200 hives throughout the state.

Raw Honey
and natural products

Our honey is raw, unprocessed and cold-extracted, which means it hasn’t undergone any heat treatment. We bring it straight from the hive to you, taking the utmost of care, with most of the extracting jobs being done by hand. We then jar all our honey, where possible, in glass jars, maintaining its deliciously fresh and natural taste. We know you will love our honey as much as we do!

and workshops

We love teaching others about bees and their great importance, so we run regular hands-on workshops during the summer months. We also supply budding bee keepers all the things they need to get started. We hope our love of bees will rub off on all those who come in contact with us, our honey and our ‘girls’, and in turn we can ensure that this small but important creature has a secure future.


Find when and where you can purchase our honey and other products from various markets in Perth, WA.

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Our honey is available for purchase at the following locations

Peaches Fresh – 195 Hampton Rd, Fremantle (08) 9430 5025
Farmer Jacks Subiaco –180 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco (08) 9381 2794
Farmer Jacks Gwelup –Wishart St, Gwelup (08) 9244 2392
Farmer Jacks Halls Head – 20 Peelwood Parade, Halls Head (08) 9535 5555
Napoli Mercato – Ranford Rd & Wright Rd, Harrisdale (08) 9398 3622
Earth Bound Organics – Shop 4/1 Soldiers Rd, Roleystone (08) 9397 7899
Olsen Butchers Roleystone – 2/15 Wygonda Rd, Roleystone (08) 9397 5580
Olsen Butchers South Perth – 79 Angelo St, South Perth (08) 9367 1717
Fresh Provisions Mt Lawley – 77 Walcott St, Mt Lawley (08) 9227 6309
Fresh Provisions Bicton – 258 Canning Hwy, Bicton (08) 9339 5333
Malibu Fresh Essentials – 9/110 Malibu Rd, Safety Bay (08) 9527 3108


Hear what our customers have to say.

We had a great morning with Sharon. The course was very informative but also loads of fun. A great idea for something different to do, even if you don’t end up keeping bees. However we are looking forward to giving it a go and can't wait to get our first hive!
Mags Haden
Presentation was great: very informative talk that the children clearly enjoyed. I learnt so much, very interesting.
Amanda Morgan
We had a fantastic morning with Sharon learning all about beekeeping- she is incredibly knowledgeable and we could easily have stayed the whole day. She showed us how to use all the equipment and we all got plenty of hands-on experience in maintaining a hive. A brilliant training day for those interested in keeping bees! Cheers.
My two boys, 11 and 13 loved the talk. They enjoyed looking at the bees and equipment. They are still telling me all about what they learned. Thank you so much very entertaining and informative presentation.
Lyn Hardy
We had a fantastic morning with Sharon learning all about beekeeping- she is incredibly knowledgeable and we could easily have stayed the whole day. She showed us how to use all the equipment and we all got plenty of hands-on experience in maintaining a hive. A brilliant training day for those interested in keeping bees! Cheers.
Jodie E Druce
They were the calmest bees that I've ever had to deal with.
Sharon's bee presentation was very informative and my children ages 3,10 & 13 enjoyed it. Especially trying to find the queen bee in the hive and they loved eating the honey at the end.
Samantha Harwood
Thanks Sharon for a very insightful learning experience for my child and I. My daughter's comments about the training: 'I wish it was longer!' I was personally fascinated and learnt lots of new things about bees and their life cycles! Great job!
Jemima Chua

Here are some of the services we offer, hover over each image for more information.

Bee Keeping
Beekeeping is a truly wonderful hobby and we would like to share it with you. Our aim is to provide bees that are easy to handle as well as good pollinators and good honey producers. All our hives are well cared for and easy to handle which in turn makes for enjoyable beekeeping. Our ‘girls’ mean a lot to us and are truly one of the most amazing creatures to have the privilege to observe in their natural environment.
So come and catch the ‘bug’ with us !
Training & Workshops
Ever wanted to have your own beehive? Always wanted to look inside a working hive? Come and spend a day with a beekeeper! Half day $165 inc. GST
A 50% deposit is required on booking. Please see ZeezBeez Facebook for class details.
An excellent way for beginners or new beekeepers to get hands on experience in a wide range of hives. Learn how to handle the equipment, how to “spot” your Queen, bee behaviour, spotting the Brood, honey, pollen and eggs and lava. Learn what to look for to see if your bee’s need extra help with feeding, disease and even re-queening. We provide all the equipment you need! Morning tea and refreshments are available – all you need is a good pair of shoes!
Hive Relocation
Hive Relocations from $55 per hour.
Don’t want your bees anymore? Can’t care for them anymore? Moving house and want to take your bees with you?
Call us – we can help! If you can no longer manage your hive/s yourself, we can help maintain them for you from as little as $55 per month. We may also purchase good quality disease free hives, if you no longer require them.
Swarm Removal
Swarm Removal from $100.
Zeez Beez also removes swarms from outside of properties. We then carefully re-home them into one of our quality boxes and re-queen them. At no point do we destroy these bees, but give them a new home that is in a managed environment. Note: We can not remove hives from inside roofs or wall cavities.
Queen Sales
Queen Sales $27.50 each inc. GST.

We occasionally have a limited number of Queen bees available to the public. These are quality open mated Italian Queen’s with quiet and gentle dispositions.

Nuc Supplies
Nuc Box sales from $150 inc. GST.

We pride ourselves in our good quality Nuc Boxes. Each 4 frame Nuc Box comes with: 2 full-sized frames of brood, 1 frame with honey and pollen, 1 clean frame, a new laying Queen and lots of bees! We endeavour to ensure the Nuc Boxes are well established before sale. We require a 50% deposit on all sales, to ensure the reservation of your hive. Pick up is from Roleystone, we can post if necessary. Please email us for more details.


We provide single, double or triple height hives. All of our beehives are well made and are treated inside and out with Lanotec.

All hive prices include:

  • 1 lid with tin cover and ventilation holes
  • 1 super
  • 1 base with easy close doors
  • 8 wax coated frames
  • Bees
  • 1 laying Queen
Single Box 8 frame full depth  $260 inc. GST
Double Box 8 frame full depth with queen excluder (metal) $385 inc. GST
Triple Box 8 frame full depth  $500 inc. GST

We also offer installation and delivery of all our products from $56 depending on location in the metro area. Country deliveries are also available for an additional fee. All orders require a 50% deposit before your order is started. We require 3-4 weeks notice prior to ready your hive, as we can make each hive to suit each customer. Please contact us for more details.

More bee keeping equipment and hive parts are available for purchase on our online shop!


Like most/all bee keepers, we have the Italian bee. This variety of bee is used because of it’s less aggressive nature compared to others such as the African bee. They are characterised by there distinct black and yellow bands, usually 3, on the abdomen. Some of the golden Italians have very few or even no black bands.


We painstakingly make each of our hives to order. Care and attention to detail makes each of our hives unique. Hives can either be natural finished or painted finish, it’s up to you.


Western Australia has a wide range of large gums such as the jarrah, red gum (marrie), various types of wattle, hakes and parrot bush just to name a few.. it truly is a lovely place for the bees and leads to a wonderful variety of honey.


Thanks for looking. We’d love to hear from you.

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in some of our products or services? Would you like some tips?

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