Bee Keeping

Zeez Beez is a family owned and run business based in the beautiful hills of Roleystone. We have been keeping bees since 2010. We started out as hobbyist bee keepers, but soon became addicted to these fascinating creatures. Over the years we have come to realise that bees are a very much needed part of everyone’s life – in other words, we can’t live without them! So we have slowly been increasing our hive numbers from that first hive in our front yard, to approximately 200 hives throughout the state.

Honey Products

We sell and supply our beautiful, raw, cold extracted honey to a list of local shops and markets. The most important thing about our honey is it is raw. We bring it straight from the hive to you, taking the utmost of care, with most of the extracting jobs being done by hand! We then jar all our honey, where possible, in glass jars, maintaining its deliciously fresh taste.


We love teaching others about bees and their great importance, so we run regular hands-on workshops during the summer months. We also supply budding bee keepers (newbees!) all the things they need to get started – from the materials, suits and tools,
right down to the bees themselves. It is our hope that our love of bees will rub off on all those who come in contact with us, our honey and our ‘girls’, and in turn we can ensure that this small but important creature has a secure future.